The Top 3 Reasons To Have A Hotel Wedding

Selecting the venue for your wedding should be the first thing that you do right after you have said ‘yes’ to the ring. Not only do wedding venues like hotels tend to get booked quickly, but where you decide to say “I do” will also help you with other aspects of your wedding such as d├ęcor, dining and even your wedding dress. Fortunately, there are no shortage of unique venues that you can consider when you marry the love of your life, and there are many reasons to consider having a hotel wedding.

It Is The Best Choice If You Are Expecting Lots Of Travelling Guests

A reception on the ballroom of a grand hotel venue is what many people consider to be the ideal ‘classic wedding.’ This is true because luxurious hotels have continued to be one of the most popular places to have a wedding, and one of the reasons could be because of out-of-town guests.

If you are anticipating a lot of RSVPs from relatives and friends who will have to travel, a hotel wedding may be the way to go. Either way, you will have to locate and book a block of rooms for your guests. However, if you have your wedding at the same place where your guests will be staying, they will have the convenience of simply walking from their rooms straight to your wedding. They will not have to travel to an unfamiliar location.

In addition, you will not have to worry about a transportation hire to get your guests to and from the venue.

Hotels Offer Multiple Choices For Space And Size

It does not matter whether you are having an intimate wedding with just your closest family and friends in attendance, or you are planning to go all out and invite hundreds of guests, it is likely that a hotel wedding will meet your needs.

Most hotels in the UK can easily accommodate a variety of events, and that includes weddings of all sizes. So, whether you are planning to select a private room inside of the hotel’s on-site restaurant, or you want to book the ballroom for a once in a lifetime party, you will have many choices inside of the hotel to consider. When you are touring, ask about the space availability and the number of guests each one can comfortably accommodate.

Most Of The Checklist Items Can Be Done In-House

If the very thought of planning a wedding is making your head ache, you may be better off planning a hotel wedding instead.

Hotels are pretty much a one-stop and shop option where you can select your linens, catering, beauty services, and flowers on-site.

Once you have booked the hotel, you can them eliminate all of the taste-testing with multiple caterers, endless meetings with florists and several hair and makeup trials. You can, however, keep most of the cake tastings if you wish.

Getting married is, for some, a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most stressful. If you truly want a set and forget wedding, a hotel wedding will be your best choice.


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